Friday, September 26, 2014

W.E. Rock Crawls

We took the kids to the rock crawls out at Three Peaks.  The boys loved it.  

 Aunt Chan came and met us...

 The boys especially liked when they rolled over...

 They played in this tire track forever and thought it was so cool that the car left rubber behind...

 After a fun hot day at the rock crawls, we got a babysitter and went to Richfield on a date to see Mark Wills and Restless Heart.  It was a fun evening with Ladd, Nicole, Laramie and Kaitlyn.  :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cedar Half Marathon

 If you know me at all, you know that I have become and addict...addicted to running.  Last year after running the 10K I took a little break.  I was a little disappointed in myself because I had told myself after the 10K that I would run the half next year.  Well in January I decided to start running again.  Thanks to my good friend Katy who talked me into running in COLD (sometimes 5-10 degrees) weather and the dark.  After that I became really addicted, doing lots of long fun runs....driving to places just to run home....and learned how to talk while running (not easy) and have had some of the best conversations and made some of the best friends while running.  A few things I have learned while running is that my body can do what I tell it to do, all mind over matter....and that if someone is not a runner, they don't care about your running and really don't want to hear your running stories (so sorry to all my non-runner blog readers) hahaha!!

The 10K I did the year before ran part of the half marathon trail so I knew how brutal the down hill could be on your body, so we did a couple runs from Yankee Meadow and they were great training.

So the night before race day I was so so super excited UNTIL...I went to get my packet.  I am standing in line to get my packet and I hear all these people around me saying things like "I've ran 5 marathons and a dozen or so halfs"  "I average about a 7 minute mile" etc. etc. etc.  I got totally intimidated and wondered if I was even good enough to run.

I went home and got all my stuff ready and had knots in my stomach...all....night...long.  I hardly slept.  Not sure if I was excited or nervous. My friend, Katy, picked me up in the morning and I told her about how intimidated I was by the runners at the packet pick up.  She made me feel much better telling me I would get lost in the race and would love it after I got running (she ran the year before, so she knew what I was talking about).

So we got on the bus and rode up to the start we were going on the bus the 11 miles up the road seemed so loooonggg and I kept thinking "I know I can run this, I have before, but this seems like a long long way"   We got to the top and it was crazy how many runners there were.

and we were off.....I had my music in my ears and about 2 miles in I felt at home.  All the stress and worry disappeared and I just ran.  It went by super quick and I was running faster miles than I had ever ran.  I stayed consistently at a 7-1/2 minute mile until the last 2 miles that go through town and are up hill.  My app on my phone kept saying 7:55 minute mile and I was glad I had that cause I would NOT let myself go above an 8 minute mile.  I turned the corner and saw the finish line and the adrenaline kicked in and I started sprinting way too early.

It felt so good...a feeling you can't describe to anyone else when you cross the finish line.  The kids and Chantry were waiting and cheering me on.  My friend, Lauren, ran the 10K so she and her family were cheering me on.

Lauren and I...

 I waited at the finish line for Katy, who was not far behind me and cheered her on...

 These are a few of the girls I trained in the early mornings with...Sarah, Katy and Rebecca....

 I was super excited when I saw my end time of 01:43:47 because my goal was under 2 hours for my first half and I blew it out of the park!   I placed 126 overall (out of nearly 900 runners), 54th in my gender, and 17th in my division of 30-34 year old.
 Not bad for my first half...but now I really have the FEVER.  I have already found my next half I want to do in November and I am strongly considering doing a full in April.  I also have this big itch to do the Cedar Half next year and beat my time.  Running is addicting and people warned me, but I had no idea.  It can be expensive and time consuming and my mouth cannot shut up about running.  There are worse addictions I am sure, but the running high you get is so awesome.

I also hit my 500th mile this week since January.  Crazy to me I have ran 500+ miles so far this year...and those are the miles I have tracked, lots of just fun runs when I did not even bring my phone along.  :)
Thanks for letting me tell you all my running story, even if you are not a runner and don't care haha :)

Random catch up

 I have a lot of pictures on my phone, so doing a random catch up.  We went to the Iron County Fair.  Grandma Marcia was in town and joined us.  We had fun watching the parade, walking through the exhibits, going to the carnival and eating at Hamburger Patty's.

 Randilyn is a huge grandma's girl and grandma lets her get away with pretty much anything.  She steals her drink and glasses and jewelry and whatever else she can get away with :)

 and sometimes Chestyn and Randilyn love each other...until he makes her scream...

 We got in another camping trip at Uintah Flat...the boys had fun making these ramps to jump their bikes and Randilyn was their biggest cheerleader....

We made the decision to put Chestyn in all day kindergarten after his teacher recommended it.  It was emotional for me and I cried...right in front of the teacher...and lots of times after...but we really think it will be great for him.  He has only been doing all day for a week and I think it was a great decision.  He loves it!!!   Randilyn is a fun little sidekick while the kids are at school.

 Love this of her reading books to her baby....

 We are both adjusting well.  It is hard sometimes with just having her, but she gets her toys and makes her self comfortable by my desk...

 This has been a favorite quote of mine as my kids are growing WAY too fast!!

 We are just loving life and soaking in every last minute of warm weather we can before we are stuck in the house.  Life is usual!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Toquerville Falls

We had a fun ride out to Toquerville Falls with the family.  Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Ladd, Uncle Dusty and family, Tulsa and Brian, Canyon and Charlee all went.  It was a fun day.