Monday, February 23, 2015


So last night Chestyn was telling grandma that Randilyn says I'm mart for I'm smart.  Then it dawned on me that she no longer says that.  She actually says "I'm smart".  Then it made me realize how without you even realizing it, your kids learn new things and stop talking that baby talk and saying things in a funny way.  So I realized, I better blog a few of the funny things Randi is doing and saying right now, because before I know it she will not be doing and saying these things and I will forget.

 One of my favorites is when she is ready for her nap, she always says "buckle me in"  instead of tuck me in.  I never correct her because I find it completely adorable.

She is really a daddy's girl and sometimes it makes me sad, and then I see things like this...  And I am perfectly ok with it... : )

 So, one morning I made waffles for breakfast and left all of the stuff out.  I had to work and decided to work in the living room on this day.  Next thing I knew, I walk into the kitchen to this... 

 And I could not even get upset because in her cutest voice ever she said "I'm making you waffles mommy"

Right before Halloween, I had decided I was going to take Randilyn to daycare a few days a week for a few hours. She was just at a super busy stage and I was having a really hard time getting work done.  She went to Miss Karen Bybee's and she absolutely loved it.  I liked parts of it too. I got lots of work done and I loved hearing Randi talk about her friends and bring home little crafts.  However, after a couple of months, I realized just how much I missed her at home.  Yes, my house was much cleaner at the end of my shift and she napped so well after playing all morning with friends, BUT, I realized just why I love working from home. I was actually reading back through blogs of my boys at this age and realized just how much I LOVE seeing them play, even if they interrupt my work a million times and make big messes.  SO, needless to say, she is back home with me and I love it.  I see stuff like this all day while working... 

 The kids' bedtime routines are always something I like to write down and remember.  Right now we go in the boys' room for family prayer.  Each kid takes a turn.  Randilyn's prayers are about the sweetest thing ever.  Most the time she just copies what mom or dad tell her to say, but once in a while she does her own thing and we actually have to cut her off or she would pray for hours, blessing everything she can think of.  After family prayer, we go in her room.  We have to sing two songs every night and then hugs and kisses from mom and dad.  My night ends with the best thing ever "Love you good night mom and daddy" (always says mom not mommy and daddy not dad).  As frustrating as bedtime can be sometimes, I always love the end result of sweet kids.

Chantry sent me these flowers and chocolates for Valentines.  I told Randi how nice it was that daddy sent me flowers and she said "No he sent ME flowers". 
 Then she brought over the chocolates with a cute smile on her face, so of course I gave her one... 
 Then next thing I know she had climbed up on the counter and eaten half the chocolates....  Girl after her mom's heart...  We are chocolate lovers. 

A few of my other favorites:

~I love when I say who loves Randilyn, she always replies with "I do-I love myself" 
~She loves Razor rides and begs to go for one all the time.  The other day she said "Let's get a treat at Maverik." I told her let's go for a Razor ride instead.  She said, "Let's go for a Razor ride to Maverik and get a treat" I love that she said it so clear and put it all together.
~I love how she says Baby Skylar and Baby Chaidyn (my two great nephews that were just born).
~She always wants to talk on the phone to whoever we talk to BUT she always waits until we hang up and says "I wanted to talk to him/her" and then we have to call them back or she pitches a huge fit.
~She sings along to all the songs in my car and it is ADORABLE.
~She talks A LOT and very well.  The other day grandpa told her "for a little girl just learning how to talk, you sure talk a lot"  she didn’t even hear him because she was too busy talking.

I really need to be better at writing things down because I know quickly I am going to forget it all.  Love this age.  Love her!!

Basketball Clinic

The boys participated in a fun basketball clinic.  The Canyon View basketball team did it as a fundraiser.  They went for 6 Saturdays and learned about basketball.  The boys had a blast.  I think they both learned a lot and have some natural skill.  Basketball is one sport I LOVE to watch, so hope they stick with it. 



  And this is what Randi did...  Took lots of selfies and ran around the bleachers. 



Sunday, February 8, 2015

Nielsen Family Christmas Party

Super behind, but I have my reasons, which will be on future blog posts.  But cannot forget to blog about one of my favorite days of the year...  The Nielsen Family Christmas Party.  Sarah was in charge this year and did a great job.  We had it on our usual 1st Saturday of January.  She did it at the Glenwood Town Hall and it worked out great.  We had soup, breadsticks, salads and cookies.  All of my favorite things.  The kids exchanged gifts with whoevers name they had.  The adults all brought a gift card for exchange.  She also had us do a cookie exchange, which was fun.  We had a wonderful time.  Enjoy all the pictures below thanks to my sister, Pateresa, who is always sweet enough to share pictures with me :)