Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Our New Home

Ok, I have had a lack of blogging lately, and this would be the main reason why. We sold our home (finally) and bought/built a new home.  It has been a roller coaster (understatement) and I kind of jotted down notes throughout the process so I would not forget, so I am just going to copy and paste it all over for my records (no need to bore yourself with all my details, but I don't want to forget just in case I decide to do this again Chantry can slap me) ;)  

January 7th- Elouise came to look at our house and said she wanted it and it may be 2-3 weeks.   

January 9th- Elouise said son backed out on sale of her home and she was out. 

January 11th- Elouise was back on. 

January 20th- Elouise was off again.   

January 22nd- We got a call from our agent saying he had an offer on our home from Elouise.  Not really sure why she was off on a Tuesday and sent an offer to our agent on a Thursday, but we went in and counter offered her offer. 

January 23- Elouise accepted our counter offer.  We had another showing on our house.   

January 24- We looked at a few houses.  Lauren watched our kids.  Didn’t really like any of the ones we looked at. 

January 26- Looked at a bunch of houses.  Ginger watched our kids.  We found a lot we liked this time.  We also had another showing on our house.   

January 27-Decided to put an offer on a newly constructed home in West View Estates.  Loved the idea of having a new home nobody else had lived in, picking our own colors and making it ours.  Got approved for our loan.   
This is what the house looked like the day we put the offer in-and we were told that it would be 3-4 weeks until finished. 

January 28- Received counter offer on West View home, started to rethink getting a new home and going back to the idea of a couple others we liked with fully finished yard and basement or partially finished yard and basement.  By the time we went to bed, we had decided we were going to put an offer on a home in Enoch, no question. 

January 29- Morning came and Chantry and I are both rethinking the West View Home, we still love the idea of a new home.  Love that area a lot.  The floorplan is exacly what I would pick if I were to choose it myself.  We decided to accept counter offer and move forward.  Contract sent to lender, loan locked in and appraisal ordered.   

January 31- Went and picked out our colors for new house.  We got to pick exterior, cupboards, countertops, flooring, and lighting.  We also had another showing on our house, so Ginger watched kids again over at her house.

February 2- Jones Paint came to our house to give us quote on broken window in our bedroom before our inspection.  Inspection was done for Elloise.  Another showing on house as well.

February 3-Picked out lighting for new home.

February 4-Appraisal done for Eloise.

February 5- We had a house showing.

February 6- Elloise and Clint stopped by to go over inspection.  We had a house showing.

February 7- We had a house showing.  Went to new house, not making progress in the last 2 weeks.

February 9-Had another showing on house. 

February 10-Went and looked at another house in Enoch just to make sure...  Love the new home being built even more.

February 12- Got a message that our buyer closed on her home, so all we are waiting for is Infinity to finish our home :)

February 17- Baby Chaidyn was born yesterday, so Chantell watched kids while we ran to the hospital to see him.  She wanted to take them on a “date” and so after we saw Chaidyn, we went out to the new house.  They had dropped all the lights/hardware off.  That is all they have done in the last 3 weeks since we put an offer on the home.  Very frustrating.  Hope they get it done by March 5. 

February 19- They started the fireplace, hung the lights and did a bunch of electrical work in the basement. 

February 24- Started putting cabinets in (I am in love) and put in the garage doors.  We got bad news though, they moved our date out to March 13th of it being finished and possibly 10 days after that for occupancy.  Our house finalizes on the 6th but Elloise said we can live her until the 21st free of charge.  Very nice, but we are trying to decide if we should find a place to rent for a month or stay here. 
February 25- Went out to house again.  They had finished up the cabinets, love love them!  My friend, Hayley, is going to let us rent their home week by week.  Takes a lot of stress off wondering if we are going to make it out in time.  Hayley just built a house over kind of by where we are building, but they have not sold their other house yet, so it is so awesome she is letting us rent from her.  We are moving a lot of our stuff into a storage unit this weekend and will move into Hayley’s house next weekend and await our home to be finalized. 

February 27- Chantry’s cousin Ryan is letting us store all of our stuff in one of his trailers and park it on his property.  So awesome, that way we don’t have to move EVERYTHING twice.  So Dusty, Tyrell and Wyatt helped us pack up our shed and all of our nonessentials today.  We are expecting a TON of snow, so want to get a start on it.

February 28- Thank goodness we did so much last night, because it snowed a lot last night and has not stopped today.  Channer and Chantry went to Hurricane for wrestles.  Chestyn is sick, so I have been packing all day at home.

March 1- Got more loaded in the trailer and pulled to Ryan’s property.  Lots more snow.  Bought a fridge off blog shop for the rental house.  We will just put it in our garage at new house when we move.

March 3- Went out to house, they have been doing stuff with the heater and electrical-that is all I could see had been done.  Eloise came and paid me for container.  Went and picked out new brick for the outside and fireplace, as our contractor switched companies. 

March 4- Went to house, they had dropped all the siding off.

March 5- Granite countertops in, beautiful.  Started prepping for brick outside.  Started moving to Hayley’s. Last night in our home, very bitter sweet, would be more sweet if we were actually moving to our new home.
And in the middle of all of this...  Chestyn is having issues with throwing up so I brought him to InstaCare and they sent him for blood work and we found out his iron is high and his potassium low, but no explanation for him continuing to throw up.
March 6- Finished moving, first night in rental home. 

March 8- Stair railing in, they put in all the closet rods, towel racks, doorknobs, etc.  Started the bricking on the outside.

March 9- Faucets in, dishwasher in. 


March 11- They relocated one of the speakers because our fireplace was going to cover it.  Brick is done.  Cut a big hole in the wall-not sure why, if it was to rewire to speaker or what.

March 12- Mirrors in bathrooms, started siding.

March 16- More siding and gable above garage done.

March 17- Today was supposed to be our closing day :( They moved our new date out to the 24th.  We also went looking at a few other houses before we signed new contract, just to make sure this is what we want...  Made me love this house more.  (rollercoaster!!!)
Amidst this, I had a sudden growth on my back and had to have it removed, luckily it was just a benign lipoma about the size of a golf ball..  (you are welcome for the graphics)
March 18- Drywall for fireplace and patched a few spots. 

March 19- Carpet in, which makes it feel a lot more like home :)


March 22 - Electrician was working when we went out, all outlets, light switches, etc are complete.

March 23- Fireplace in and vents put in floors, gas lines ran. Just getting a little at a time done : (

March 24- We were supposed to have our certificate of occupancy again today...  Not happening.  They are moving us out to Friday the 27th. 

March 27- Replaced broken window, finished air conditioning-No certificate of occupancy though.

March 30- Signed closing without certificate of occupancy.

March 31- Outside completely finished, received certificate of occupancy, with a few things to be finished inside. 

April 1- We moved our trailer from over at Ryan’s lot and packed it into the basement and garage.

April 2- Moved our entire rental house.  Chantry took the day off work and Dusty and Tyrell were a huge help in the morning.  We spent our first night in our new home.

April 3- They came to finish some drywall and painting, we went camping for Easter weekend.  (try moving into your new home and then walking away for the weekend, it was not easy).

April  6- Cleaned rental home.
April 7- Bricked fireplace.
April 9-Walk through with contractor.
April 22- Re-dry walled areas we wanted fixed and re-painted almost entire house because we were not happy with it....  Most depressing seeing our house covered in plastic and unusable.
April 23- Still painting.
April 24- Almost done. 
April 25- Finished painting, we have our house back- For the most part.
April 27- Carpet guy came and replaced where they had to cut a new spot for heater vent, since we added fireplace on after.
As you can see, we still are not 100% done.  We know that if we were to do this again, we would not use the contractor we did.  They have been horrible at getting stuff done.  They wanted us to wait until house was 100% ready but we would still be waiting to move in.  Even though it is a pain to live here while they fix the little things, it has been worth it.  We wanted to back out about a million times- So why didn’t we?  Well we talked to other contractors about building from scratch (we could have backed out of this home with no obligation) but they could not come close to price for the size.  Interest rates are supposed to rise and we felt like if we started over then that would be against us as well.  We also searched the real estate market REALLY REALLY well and there was just nothing for the price of this home and size.  So basically we just felt like it was a great deal.
I think in a month, we will be so so happy.  We are loving our new home.  There is so much work to be done but it will all be worth it in the end.  Chantry has already started on the yard, got it leveled and our curbing laid.  Our HOA requires it be done within a year of occupancy, so we plan to get it all done this spring/summer. 

Here is our beautiful home..

 Chantry is going to finish two rooms in the basement ASAP and then we will finish the rest later.  
Overall we are so happy to be in our home and have SPACE! We are loving it-despite the headaches.  We have already gotten to know a few neighbors, kids are loving their new school and making friends fast.  They get to ride the bus now, which I was super nervous about (they were not) and it has actually turned out to be awesome. They get on the bus through the block where I can see them and then Chestyn is dropped right off on the doorstep since he is in kindergarten, Channer gets home right at 4 when I am done working.  
Here is to a lot of happy memories to be made in our  new home :)


The boys had a fun season of wrestling.  Channer really seemed to find "his thing".  He surprised me at how good he really is too.  I always thought Channer would be too shy to even try and now I am wishing we would have gotten him going a long time ago.  Chestyn enjoyed it too, but was more into making friends than actually wrestling.  They both did great though.
Their first tournament was in Parowan and I think they were both in a little shock.  They both did well, but Chestyn lost all his matches and Channer lost 2 and won 1 and got his first pin.  He was so excited.  I think the boys did great considering it was their first year and they were up against boys who had been wrestling a few years.  

 Channer's first pin... 

Their next tournament was in Hurricane.  Chestyn woke up in the night throwing up :( so we stayed home and Channer and Chantry went, so  I did not take any pictures, but Channer did so so good.  He won 2 and lost 1.  He came home telling me that he lost to the coach's son, but did not let him pin him, he only won by points, so Channer was really happy.
The next tournament was at Cedar High.  They both did great. Chestyn was once again just trying to make friends haha...  Channer won 2 and lost 1 again.  Grandma came to watch them. 

 Randi slept.... 

State was in Salina and we had never been, so we were completely unprepared.  It was an absolute zoo in there.  They boys each wrestled in different gyms, so Chantry went in with Chestyn and I stayed in with Channer.  You had to just watch for their number to pop up and hurry down the bleachers to watch.  Channer lost his first two matches, which was a double elimination and he was out.  It happened so fast.  Chestyn won his first match.  Chantry kept watching the numbers for his next matches and they just weren't coming up..  Well all of the sudden we walked in and they were clearing the mat.  Chantry asked them what was up-well apparently Chestyn wrestled twice without either of us watching and we did not even know it.  He lost those two, so double elimination and he was out.  It was quite the experience at state, next year we will know more what to expect and hopefully the boys will be more prepared.  I think they were totally overwhelmed.  I also did not take any pictures because it was so crazy.

Anyway, here is to a fun wrestling year and a better year next year.  Channer eats, sleeps and breathes wrestling so I really think he will be really good if he continues with it.