Monday, July 6, 2015

Run 4 Hearing

Justin Osmand ran 250 miles to help raise deaf awareness and money for hearing aides.  He did a 5K in St. George at his finish line.  It was possibly one of the most fun and uplifting things we have done.  It was mother's day weekend so Chantry was all about picking what I wanted to do- two of my favorite things- running and family- put them together and I am one happy chick! My friend, Katy, had told me about this 5K.  She has a deaf son but is pregnant so could not run, so we ran for her.  The morning of the race, we got up and it was snowing in Cedar City, but we decided to go to St.  George and at least get our packets and shirts.  It was pouring rain when we got there, but by race time it stopped and was perfect running weather.  It was so fun watching my kids run the 5K.  Channer and Chestyn both did so great! Chestyn would walk for a second and then say "I can run a little farther" and would run again.  After the 5K we watched Justin cross the finish line.  I cannot even imagine running 250 miles and how exhausted he must have been, but he was so humble.  He talked about how they raised all the money for the hearing aides and the people he was giving them too were there, so that was awesome and emotional.  Of course I cried, I always cry.  It was great for my kids to see such sacrifice and dedication. 

They also got to meet the super heroes, got metals and popsicles after, so they were in heaven!

Richfield Christensen's Red Rock 10.5

I had been itching to run a race with my brother and sister so bad, so when they invited me to do the Richfield Red Rock with them, I was all in.  I had originally planned to do the 4.5 mile with them.  It was a trail run and I had never ran on trails before.  Well last minute I decided to up it to the 10.5.  It was the hardest race I have ran, super challenging and SO fun.  Hartly and Sarah waited at the finish line for me and cheered me on.  
 This is the picture I posted on Facebook with my awesome blister on my foot.  It had rained that day and I didn't want to ruin my good running shoes, so I wore an old pair and it did not fair well...  Still worth it though. 
 I took third place in the girls- De Reitz took 1st and Tiffany Giblet took 2nd.
 Crossing the finish line about to die! 
About mile 6 I was thinking I should have stuck with the 4.5.  At finish, I was ready to do it all over again and glad I did 10.5.  Can't until next year.  Hopefully after some trail training I can do better. 

Chestyn's Turns 6

All of Chestyn's birthday pictures were on my old phone.  I cannot seem to retrieve them, so I am glad I had made a collage for Facebook at least, so I have a couple pictures.
His birthday was on a Thursday.  He wanted to have a party at the park, but that evening was horrible weather, so we rescheduled it for the next Monday.  It actually worked out great because almost everyone we invited could make it.  He had his party at the park like he wanted, with a pinata and cake and ice cream.  He was spoiled and loved.    
His favorite gift was his skateboard.  He used his money from both his grandmas to buy it.  Mom and dad gave him a kindle and clothes.  It is always sad to see my kids turn a year older, but fun seeing their excitement. 

Sisters Weekend 2015

Sisters weekend was April 10th through 12th.  It was Pateresa's turn and she found a fabulous place in Provo. It was beautiful and we had so much fun- as usual.  We did the typical shopping, pedicures, eating, playing the money game, staying up all night visiting and laughing our butts off.

 Bawb had to come pick up Heidi because she had just had back surgery and could not drive, so I got a picture with him too :)

The Twelfth Night...

I am super behind but I do have a few things that I just have to document...

In April, Channer got to go back to Enoch Elementary and be in his class play.  Mrs. Orton was the best teacher.  She did NOT want Channer to move, even crying real tears the day he left.  She tried everything to get me to keep him there the rest of the year, even trying to get me to carpool with her sister.  I would have strongly considered it if I didn’t have Chestyn in Kindergarten, but that would have mean 3 trips back and forth- 25 minutes both ways.  It just could not happen.  Anyway, Mrs. Orton was awesome enough to let Channer come back since he had already memorized his lines and was devastated when I told him he may not do the play.  I took the boys out of school and we hung out at Enoch Elementary for the day and the boys loved seeing their old friends and teachers.

Channer did so well in his play.  He played Antonio.  His class had been practicing hard the weeks before and I was worried he would be lost, but nope, he got there play day and did a great job.

They did the play for the school and then again that night for family and friends.  Channer surprised me.  I thought he would be quiet and shy, but he spoke right up and was a natural. 

 Channer and his best friend, Connor.. 
 Channer and Thomas... 
 Mrs. Orton (best teacher ever).... 
 Aunt Chantell is always so supportive and good at coming to all the kids things if she can...