Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend with Sisters and Cousins

I have not had much family time since our sister weekend in April, so I was really wanting some sister time.  So I mentioned it to my sisters and of course they were down, but we didn’t want to be a burden to our husbands by having two sister weekends in one year, so we decided to come up with something to do with the kids.  Sarah offered her house.  As the time got closer she realized her cucumbers would be ready at the same time and we could bottle pickles and dilly beans.  We had such a fun weekend.  We left after work/school on Friday, so we got there kinda late, but the cousins immediately started playing and stayed up super late.  We stayed up super late too visiting.  My mom came over and it was so fun to just sit and visit. 
Saturday we got up and started bottling and the cousins just played and played and played some more.  It was so fun for them.   These pictures are obviously not in order....  

After the bottling, I decided Randilyn needed a nap and Taylor needed one too, but neither of them would settle down with all the craziness, so I decided to take Randi and go for a ride.  Sarah offered to keep the boys, so my mom, Pateresa, Marie, Randilyn and I rode over to Monroe to visit my dad's grave.  We had a great visit and enjoyed riding around, and bonus- Randilyn got a good nap.

Pateresa had planned to take all the kids pictures and of course I forgot, so I didn’t pack any contact upon the exiting clothes for the kids and the boys needed haircuts SO SO bad, so I didn’t have her take them...  But we did take a few snap shots with cousins to document that they were really there :)  We actually got some really cute ones...  Pateresa got a TON of cute ones of Sarah and her girls, so I wish I would have came prepared.


and Sunday morning I got to run with Hartly and Sarah-which is always a joy...  And Hartly is going to do the Cedar Half with me.  YAY!

So what did Chantry do while we were away??  He worked late Friday, and then did a fun 5K up at Brian Head with Sandy and Tawnya. I was super sad to miss out but looked like they had a blast.  It was a tough one with obstacles and apparently I was being cussed the entire time because I got them into it and then backed out to hang out with my sisters :) They had fun anyway...

I told Chantry to enjoy his quiet weekend alone- I should have known better than for him to just relax and enjoy.  He framed our fireplace and worked hard in the house.  I love my hard working man :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back to School

Channer is in 3rd grade with Mrs.  Horton (who is our friend Gary's mom) and Chestyn is in 1st grade with Mrs. York.  I think they will both have a very fun year.  I hate seeing my kids go to school.  I would much rather have them home with me BUT with me working from home, I know they actually have more fun at school.  I chose my schedule to work exactly the hours they are gone which has worked out well.  Here is to a wonderful year boys-

I was worried Randilyn would be bored, but she is loving her alone time with me.  She plays with all their toys that she shouldn’t be playing with and she gets to pick whatever show she wants to watch.  She does miss them though.  I have gotten her a snack a few times where she has said, "I'll take one to brothers" and when I tell her they are not here, she is sad for a second. 

Summer 2015

I have debated if I should continue my blog or not because it has been overwhelming and just one more thing to do on the computer- and after work, I just want to get off this thing.  I decided it was important though and it did not need to be overwhelming.  I will just do a catch up post now and then and at least have the memories to print off in a book each year. 
So here is a quick summer catchup- in no particular order- and without a lot of detail.  We had a blast this summer though and it went by way too quick.
My sister, Pateresa, and her daughter, Brylee, came for a visit.  It was a quick visit and loved having them.  
 I tried to keep the kids off electronics as much as possible this summer, I did well for the first couple weeks and then failed miserably. 
 We had a fun Father's Day BBQ with Chantry's family at our house.  The kids sure do love their grandpa! 
 Chantell spoils the kids, as usual! 
 The kids were so patient and good with me working this summer.  I have a lot of guilt when I cant just play with them all the time and take them swimming, to the park, hiking, and all that other fun stuff families are supposed to do all summer long, but they don't seem to mind and we fit plenty of that in on the weekends. 
 YAY for no cavities at the dentist! 
 We have been getting Little Passports.  The kids have "pen pals" and they visit a new country every month.  They have really loved it and it is a good learning experience for all. 
 I have met some AMAZING running friends since I moved.  They do a lot of fun runs.  This was 3 of us doing a trail run in Kolob National Park.  So nice to live so close.  We have about 12 ladies in our running group and they are all so genuinely nice.  I have just started running with my friend, Ang, as well and that is way fun.  Running has brought more opportunity and friends than I would have ever imagined. 
 Of course we have to support the carnival since it is a fundraiser for Search and Rescue. 
 Randilyn is really loving helping me in the kitchen.  I try to be patient and let her help. 
 Our bunko group is so fun and they have become some of the best friends anyone could ask for.  I look forward to our once-monthly shenanigans.  You just never know what we might end up doing.  Even ending up at Denny's at 1 in the morning.

 or take crazy selfies... 
 Just a little sibling love.... 
 On our way to grandmas.... 
 My friend, Jessi, got married and we had a last little get together with the girls the weekend before... 
 We had the pleasure of babysitting Sadie one day...  Randilyn loved having a friend over all day... 
 Tawnya's birthday dinner- the guys were there too, but we left them out of our selfie ;)
 Of course we went to the Gleave Reunion which usually deserves a post all in its own, but I did not take many pictures.  However, we had a wonderful time yet again.  We even stayed 3 days longer and spent extra time with Marcus and Keshia, Roger, Ellen and Cassie and Vick and Ella Mae's group from California. 

 We rode over to Bryce Canyon and Tropic Reservoir too.. 

I got my irun4 buddy.  His name is Xander.  He is adorable.  We are just kind of pen pals.  I run because he cant and he encourages me on my runs.  Win-win! 
 Jessi is the world's best babysitter.  She has babysat for us on Tuesday nights while we go dancing (yes dancing) and is our "go to" on date nights. 
 We have worked in the yard, like a lot.  It is coming along well.  We put in our sprinkling system ourselves and had hydroseed done.  Hauled tons of rocks and planted trees and shrubs.  It has been a lot of work, but so worth it. 
 We hiked Kanaraville Falls.  It was beautiful and I have been wanting to do this forever, so one more thing checked off my bucket list ;)


I had the fun opportunity to run the Dash for Nash 5k with Channer.  It was a fundraiser for a sweet little 5 year old who has cancer.  I love doing something fun with my kids while also showing them how to support a good cause and how to show compassion for others in need.  It was a late night race so the rest of the family was not up for it. 
 These boys have worked hard doing the ticket system this summer.  They earn tickets for doing chores, nice things, reading, brushing their teeth without a reminder, eating what I cook etc.  They earned enough for a movie date with dad, an aquatic center date, several toys out of the prize bucket and Channer earned an extra movie date with mom.  It was a system that actually worked and I think we will do it again next summer. 
 Lazy Sunday nap-actually I just had to document this cause Chantry rarely lies down for 2 seconds in the day time and it was nice to see him relax. .. 
We had our annual Wiley Reunion.  It was so much fun.  I love visiting all the family, having a fun volleyball game, and of course tubing the river... 

 The boys got to go this year and they loved it.... 


Fun camping trip with the Veater's, Jenson's and other friends.  The Water's and Orton's came up for dinner one night.

It was an overall wonderful summer.  I never feel like we fit enough in...  Until next summer...