Monday, February 1, 2016

January 2016

Because for the life of me I cannot keep up event by event and then I don't blog at all because I feel overwhelmed, I am just going to do a monthly recap.

Weekend of January 1st-3rd- We went of the Richfield on New Year's day and got motel at the Fairfield Inn.  We just spent time with our little family and went swimming and it was one of the best nights I have had in a long time.  We just really enjoyed each other.

We had our Nielsen Family Christmas party in Glendwood on Saturday. Bawb's family was in charge this year and we had a great time, complete with talent show, gift exchange, pinata and of course yummy food.

 Afterward, we spent the night at Bawb and Heidi's house and the kids had so much fun playing together. Randilyn made herself right at home and wouldn't leave Heidi's side. She painted her nails and gave her treats (her two favorite things). We stayed up really late playing games. It was great to have some extra time with them.
Weekend of January 8-10th- We decided on a spur of the moment trip to Vegas.  The kids got home from school, we packed and left.  We stayed at MGM Grande and had a great time.  Friday night, we walked to the M&M World and Coke Factory.  The kids loved filling a bag of different M&Ms and trying all different types of Coke from around the world. 

 Saturday, we went to Hershey World- The kids loved filling bags of different Hershey Kisses and walking down the strip.  We went to Container World and Freemont Street.  I know some think Vegas is not the place for kids, but honestly I loved them seeing the diversity in the world and realizing what is really out there and Vegas actually has TONS for kids to do.  I got to go with Chy to pick out her wedding dress.  We had so much fun with her mom, sister, grandma and Aunt Chan-Randi came with us too while the boys went to Bass Pro.  We then went to eat at Michican and went black light mini golfing.

Sunday, we checked out of the motel and decided to just take the long way home.  We drove through Alamo and Caliente and headed home.  I love spontaneous trips with no plan.

We had a nice weekend at home the 15th-17th-  We hosted couples bunco at our house on Saturday night.  We went for a jeep ride with Laramy and Dusty- they spent the whole time stuck lol.

Saturday January 23rd- We had family day with Search and Rescue.  We snowmobiled, road in the snow cat and had a BBQ.  Fun day...

That night we celebrated Grandma Irva's 97th birthday at Rusty's.  

Sunday, we Randi and I made a Costco trip with Ang and Sadie- We ate at Olive Garden and went to the the mall.  The girls had fun together...  So did Ang and I.:)

January 30th-31st!  CHANTRY'S BIRTHDAY!!!
I did not take one picture dangit!!
We headed down to Mesquite with an awesome group of friends, my sister and Chantry's brother and nephew.  We went to Texas Roadhouse in St George then headed that way.  We had so much fun.  We played some bingo- my favorite.  We had a great time together and I think it is tradition now every year for Chantry's birthday ;) Sunday, we had breakfast and left early so we could celebrate Chantry's birthday with the kiddos.  We got a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, the kids made him cute cards and picked him out a Nerf gun for his birthday (so he doesn’t have to use theirs anymore).  Chantry did not get much for his birthday, but hope he knows we all love him very much. Plus, Chantry is aging well- He is way sexier than the day I married him :)