Wednesday, April 6, 2016

March 2016

March 5-
Lake to Lake Relay-  Hartly, Branda, Ang, Jenny (Hartly's friend) and I ran the Lake to Lake relay.  It was so so much fun!  50 miles from Gunlock Reservoir to Sand Hallow.  We each ran about 10 miles  split into 10 legs.  It really was such a fun day.  I am so happy Hartly and I have this in common and get to spend more time together.  Running has done so much for me beyond just the sport.  I have made so many friends, gotten closer to my brother and sister and Ang has quickly become my best friend as we have trained together.  Ang bought us all superhero socks and we named ourselves the Caped Crusaders. 

That night, Hartly headed back to take Branda to Provo and so Chantry, Jason and Ang and I went to the banquet together.  It was a fun banquet where they gave prizes and showed a slideshow of the run. 

March 9-13-
Spring break family vacation- Mexican Cruise

When I found  out spring break was not over Easter this year and Chantry may have a chance of getting it off (he has a hard time getting days around holidays off) we decided to plan a quick family vacation.  We were thinking Disneyland, but we have done that the last few years, so I started looking into cruises.  There happened to be one that was 3 nights and went out during the week of spring break, so I hurried and booked it.  As it got closer, I started getting nervous, thinking maybe we should have stuck to Disneyland.  I was not sure how a cruise would be for kids.  Well, it ended up being perfect.  The kids loved it.  It was so relaxing for Chantry and I too, not all the hustle and bustle that Disneyland usually brings.

We headed bright and early at 4:00 a.m. to Long Beach.  The drive was great, the kids were so good and it went by quickly.  We bought a new van that has the entertainment center in it and that helped.

We got there around 1:00 and checked into our motel.  We had plenty of time to explore Long Beach.  We headed over to see the Queen Mary and then to Shoreline Villages where we walked through the shops and rented a bike to ride around the beach. 

We paid for a stay and park pass at our hotel, so we left our car at the motel and took a taxi to the ship.  The kids thought it was pretty cool to ride in a taxi for the first time.  Chestyn started getting a little nervous, which made me nervous, but once we got there he totally changed. 

Once we got on the ship the kids were in amazement.  That was probably my favorite part of the whole trip.  I don't think they knew just how big it would be.  Their faces looked a lot like this the whole time... 

 It did not take us long to find all the fun stuff.  We had only been on the ship a little while and went miniature golfing and then found the water slides.

Also did not take the kids long to find the unlimited amount of chocolate cake and ice cream.

The first night we got ready and went to dinner in the dining room.  I gave the kids a Dramamine to prevent sea-sickness. I don't know if it was that, the motion of the boat or if they were just simply that exhausted but they all fell asleep during dinner.  Everyone who would walk by got a kick out of it, especially the staff.

So, we just went to bed that night and skipped all the entertainment.

Randilyn insisted on carrying this backpack and it was bigger than her.
Every time I turned around, she had another ice cream in her hand.  It was too cute...

Friday was our day in Ensenada, Mexico.  We docked early morning and decided to do an excursion tour.  We did a tour that was called the topless bus.  We rode in a topless bus around Ensenada and then they dropped us off to shop for a while and then brought us back to the ship.  Ensenada was not near as scary as people had me thinking.  I still held tight to my kids, but the kids actually really enjoyed seeing the culture there.

We got back on the ship just in time for a magic show to start and the boys both got called on stage to join the fun.

And did some more swimming.

They had elegant dining that night and it was fun for us to all dress up for dinner.  The boys said it was a bit too fancy for them lol

That night after dinner, we took Randilyn to camp ocean.  It was the funnest little camp and she loved it.  She did not want to leave when we would pick her up.  That night they dressed up like pirates and did a treasure hunt.  We took the boys to the show and they loved that too.  It was a great option for some one on one time with the boys since they NEVER get it.  The only way we could get her to leave camp was to bribe her with ice cream. 

The kids loved the towel animals left on the bed each night.

The third day was  sea day.  Chantry and I both woke up sea sick.  It was not bad after we got out of the cabin and got fresh air but I was afraid we would be sick the whole day- Thank goodness we were not.  Chestyn got a little whoozy too for a minute here and there but for the most part we just had a fun day on the ship.

They had the whole pool area decorated with towels.

We started with a Dr. Seuss breakfast.  It was super cute.  They had it decorated so cute.  The characters came and you could take pictures with them and their menu was super fun.  Chestyn had been looking forward to green eggs and ham the whole trip, so I was happy to see that on the menu.  Randilyn was scared of the characters (glad we didn’t go to Disneyland lol).

We took Randi back to camp for some fun and played some ping pong with the boys and they went swimming again.  It was a bit cold so Randi didn’t swim that day.

We picked Randi up from camp-she was painted like a bunny and did not want to leave once again.

 We bribed her with ice cream.

We visited the arcade. 

Then they had a super cute Dr. Seuss parade and story time.  The kids got to be part of it.  They paraded all the way from one end of the ship to the other and then got up on stage for story time.

That night the kids all went to camp.  They had a fun farewell party with all the kids.  They got to decorate their own shirt and have all the other kids they met sign it.  The kids loved it.  We loved it too because we got to enjoy a night of dinner and a show without  the kids.

And then the morning  came way too quick and it was time to get off and go home :(  We ordered breakfast in bed so we could quickly get off.  Randi insisted on eating her happy face cookie from camp the night before. 

All in all it was an amazingly fun vacation.  Perfect amount of time with the kids.  I did not think I would even let the kids go to camp but it was so different than I had thought.  They gave you a cell phone and could contact you anytime.  The kids loved it.  It was not like a day care-they had new activities every hour that kept them entertained.  I think Randi got her money's worth just in activities she did in camp.  The price is great and to have it include all your food and entertainment makes for a worriless vacation.  We will be going on one again soon!

March 17th-St. Patrick's Day

The kids woke up to green milk, lucky charms, pots of gold, green necklaces and shirts to wear.
Nothing to big-but they thought it was fun :)

March 19th- Murder Mystery party

Ang hosted a murder mystery party and it ended up being so much fun.  She gave us all a character beforehand and we dressed our part and acted our part.  We all put in money and then we won money if we guessed the murderer, best dressed, best acting, etc.

I was excited because I guessed correctly and won best acting.  I was an actress and Chantry was a beach bum/surfer dude.  It was at a beach resort setting.  It really was so much fun and I hope we do more.  We have such a fun group of friends, always up for something fun.

March 25-27th- Easter Weekend

Easter was in March this year, which I do not love.  Still too cold-But it was still a very fun weekend.

We got there Friday.  The kids put together Easter basket jars that grandma brought for them.  We stayed up and visited and the weather was wonderful.

Saturday, we woke up to extreme wind!!  It was miserable, cannot walk outside wind.  So we spent all morning in the trailer.  It was still fun, because we were in good company.  We finally decided to make a trip into St. George.  Well of course, right when we did the weather got beautiful.  So, we came back and enjoyed the rest of the day and the good weather.  It even warmed up enough for the kids to play in the water  for a bit.  It was fun to have Ladd and Maria's bunch all camp.  They bought a trailer and so hopefully we get to camp lots more with them.  We stayed up late doing a little karaoke.  Chantry even sang, which is a miracle- and he is really good.  Him and Ladd sang a few songs together and I LOVED watching them.  Even shed a few tears when they sang Brotherly Love.

We waited until Sunday to do the Easter egg hunt since the wind was so awful.  Kids had a blast.  Sunday was beautiful weather too, so we went for a long ride.  The Orton's came and met up with us.

It was not long trip but we had a great time-  We headed home Sunday evening and got to take baby Chaidyn home with us.  He stayed the night while  Laramy and Kaitlyn enjoyed some  kid-free time and we loved him!

And a very cute picture I took of this amazing daddy!!!

It was a very happy March!