Friday, May 6, 2016

April 2016

April was a fun, busy month!

My kids have been loving the funny face changer on snapchat.

Andrew and Chy were married April 9th.  Such a happy cute couple and their wedding was BEAUTIFUL!! Best part- they live in St. George now and super close. 
 My little Chestyn turned SEVEN on April 16th.  His birthday landed on a Saturday this year and we were able to do his party that day.  He wanted a Minecraft party and it turned out great.  Ang helped me make the cake.  We had a piƱata, pizza, cake and ice cream.  It ended up being horrible weather so we had to have it inside.  I am pretty laid back and it didn’t bother me much but it is quite a zoo with so many kids all inside.  I cannot believe Ches is 7!! He is such a fun great kid.  Love watching him grow up.

We also spent that same weekend celebrating Coleson's 1st birthday and our little friend, Emerson's, birthday.

The weekend of the 23rd and 24th, Marcia came and watched the kids and Chantry and I went on a couples ride with our friends.  It ended up being such a great weekend.  It was weird at first to go riding without or kids because that is something we have always done as a family and we missed them lots but it was good for us too.

Saturday we started out by Gunlock and rode over by Beaver Dam.  Tawyna, Sandy, Candice, Mike, Brooke, Chris, Jamie, Gary, Ang, Jason, Jeff, Colleen, Jared and Annie joined us.  Fun group.  We later had dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  We rented a condo in St George and it was so fun.  Nice to not all have to separate in our motel rooms.  We celebrated Ang and Jamie's birthdays. 

Sunday we had breakfast at IHOP and rode over to Touquerville Falls.  It was beautiful weather and such a fun day.

I have really come to love our group of friends and realize  how important not only family  is but how important it is to have good friends and they each can offer to your life. 

The weekend of April 29th, 30th and May 1st was my annual sister's weekend.  Heidi was in charge this year and rented us a cabin/barn/house type thing in Grover, UT over by Capital Reef.  It ended up being one of my very favorite sister's weekends.  I really needed the time with my mom and sisters this year and it was so good to laugh, cry and laugh some more with these ladies who I know don't judge me and love me for everything I am.  We met up in Richfield, had lunch at South China, bought our traditional pajamas at Rue 21, shopped for our meals and then headed there.

The place was very rustic and unique.  It was borderline creepy with the set up, the cob webs, the mice, the woodpeckers and the bird trying to fly in at 2:00 a.m. but that just made for more fun and memories.

We stayed up until 4:00 a.m. on Friday night.  We played Cards of Humanity.  We talked and talked and talked.  Saturday, we had a yummy breakfast and got  ready.  We headed over to Slacker's (my mom's friend just bought it) and had lunch, then headed to Capital Reef.  It had been years since I had been there.  We hiked a little hike and walked in the gift shop.  We went back to the house and watched "Cokeville Miracle".  Very good movie- I cried my eyes out.  That night we stayed up late and played our money game but made it to bed by 1:00.  I rode back to Richfield Saturday morning because Pateresa, Heidi and Yumei rode  with me.  They all went to lunch together but I was fasting and missed my family, so just headed home. 

It was a fantastic much needed weekend.  I just love love my sister's weekends!

We are blessed!!

On a sad note- We found out that Aunt Sally has pancreatic cancer.  Very scary and very heart breaking.  Sally has always been so kind and supportive to me.  Sure do love her.  We are praying praying and more praying for her to be strong and fight this thing. 

May is already looking so so busy! Lots of fun to come ;)