Monday, June 13, 2016

May 2016

May was a very fun and busy month!

The first weekend in May was Mother's Day and I got to pick what I wanted to do :) So- we went to Provo and I ran the Provo half with Hartly and Ang.  We stayed in a motel the night before and the race started bright and early up Provo Canyon.  It was a beautiful race, mostly downhill and it was the first race I ran "with" Hartly.  We stayed with him the whole way.  It was pretty awesome.  At the finish line I jokingly said, "ready to sprint" and Hartly just took off, so I tried to catch up and Ang was like "wait what"! So we didn’t all cross the finish line together, but pretty dang close.  It was a blast.

After the race we headed to Antimony and went to church with her the next day for Mother's Day.  We stopped and saw Grandma Irva on the way home.  It was a fun weekend and a great Mother's Day.  Nothing out of the norm really, but love being a mom. :)

The weekend of the 13th, 14th and 15th, we headed out to our friend's cabin.  The Jenson's have a cabin in Iron Town.  We got a new razor and it was our first time out with that.  Jason and Ang bought a trailer and side by side too and it was their first trip out too.  So fun.  It was so much fun to camp with friends, go riding, play a little corn hole, a little golfing, shooting and delicious food of course.  We rode over by New Castle Reservoir and I had never been there before. 

The weekend of anniversary, we headed over to Antimony again.  It was Barbara and Calvin's 70th anniversary.  Then, we went to the Antimony cemetery and Widtsoe cemetery to help Grandma Irva decorate the graves.  Sunday, we made a trip to Sand Hallow.  One of my favorite trips yet.  So fun!

 I had 4 nieces/nephews graduate this year.  Christian and Maria's daughter, Britnee, graduated from Canyon View on 26th.  Celina and Cody graduated from Richfield High on the 27th.  I couldn’t work it out to make it to any of them with it being my boys end of year too

The boys had their last day of 1st and 3rd grade.  They both had a fantastic year with amazing teachers.  I helped with Channer's end-of-year party and Chantry ended having the day off too to help.

Then we started off our summer with a bang.  We camped up by Duck Creek for Memorial Weekend.  Friday night the Orton's joined us and Ladd and Maria and Laramy and Kaitlyn. Mike and Candice came up for a few hours in the evening. Saturday night the Waters joined us.  Sunday Gary's dad was having surgery so the Orton's had to leave after a fun ride to the ice caves and Cascade Falls.   Sunday night the Waters left and Mike and Candice came up again.  Monday was just Laramy and Kaitlyn, Ladd and Laramy and us and we went for a fun ride.  Channer and Chestyn are getting pretty good on their motorcycle and following along with us on rides.  It was a great way to start off our summer.  That is just about my favorite place ever to camp and we had great company.

The kids are loving summer and playing with friends all day every day.  Love our neighborhood and that they have so many friends!

Happy May- onto June- WOW!  The year is already almost half over!