Thursday, September 8, 2016

August 2016

My adorable niece, Branda, got married to the love of her life, Eric, on August 5th.  We weren't able to go up the day of the wedding but she did an awesome brunch the day after and it was so fun.  I loved the brunch idea.  She served cinnamon rolls and fruit and it was so cute.  So happy for them!

 Charla's husband, Tom, passed away on August 8th.  So heartbreaking for her and the kids.  They are not 100% sure what happened, but hopefully he is at peace.  His services turned out great, the kids each spoke and did a wonderful job.  We will miss him very much.

Several of my friends have joined me in the Cedar Half and we have done a lot of training this month, very little sleep, but so worth it.

On the 10th, we had a fun summer BBQ at the Wade's house. 

We went with the Hilleger's on August 13th to Zion to hike Angel's Landing.  It was so much fun! So beautiful and so fun to hike with a fun couple.

We had a fun visit from by brother Alan on the 14th.  They had been vacationing in California and stopped by on their way home to see our house for the first time.  Wish we could get together more- our kids played so good together.

On the 15th, we did a fun paint night.  Chantell, Stachia, Kaitlyn, Marcia and I. So fun!!

The boys started school on the 16th.  I was so not ready for them to go back.  This summer went too fast and we didn’t do near all the things I wanted to do.  They both had a good first day and love their teachers, so that made it easier.  Channer is in Mrs. Selden's 4th grade class and Chestyn is in Mrs. Garrett's 2nd grade class.  Growing up way too fast.

My mom came  and watched kids for us while  we attended Tom's viewing and funeral in Vegas and viewing and burial in Antimony.  I am loving having my mom retired.  She has been able to help me a lot.  I hope soon though that she can just come  down and have fun with me :)

The weekend of the 19th through 21st, we had a fun last minute camping trip to Yankee Meadow.  I love that place.  The Jensen's, Orton's and Hilleger's were all able to join us for either all or part of the weekend.  We went for a fun ride Sunday on the way home from Parowan to Brian Head.  So beautiful!

The weekend of the 27th and 28th, I went to Richfield and stayed at Sarah's house.  We went over to Whitney's baby shower and then spent the rest of the weekend bottling pickles and making frozen corn.  Loved my time with Sarah.  The kids had so much fun together.  They cried when I said it was time to go home.  I didn’t take any pictures but we sure had a good time.  I would like to hope it is a tradition.

A few other happenings this month:  The weekend after we went hiking at Angel's Landing, Chantry was called out on a search.  On the way back from the search our friend, Mike Hilleger, had a mild heart attack.  It was pretty scary.  Life flight helicopter came and got him.  Chantry and Gary helped him down.  So young to have a heart attack.  He seems to be doing lots better now.

Chantry's dad was sick and they had thought he had a heart attack as well but turns out he was just really sick.  He was in the St. George Hospital for a few days and then released to go home- then he got dehydrated and had to spend a few days in ICU at Cedar Hospital.  He is home again and doing ok.  Fingers crossed we can just keep everyone healthy.

For Young Women's we got to go see the new temple being built.  The temple missionaries told us more about the building process, very interesting.  It is going to be beautiful and I love the idea of having a temple right in our home town.

Celina moved in with us for a few months.  She is going to SUU and planning to go on her mission in January, so saving some money and living with us for a bit.  We are loving having her here.

That is our fun crazy month of August! As much as I love fall, I am not ready to welcome Fall or Winter yet- but ready or not, here it comes.