Friday, December 16, 2016

November 2016

We had to postpone our friend Halloween Bunco party until after Halloween this year.  We lacked a costume so borrowed from the neighbors, we looked radiculous but it was so fun.  
We got to celebrate Veterans' Day with some of our favorite people.  Candice and Mike invited us to the SUU Veterans' banquet.  Candice put a lot of work into it and it turned out great.  It was nice to dress up for the night and enjoy a great dinner with amazing speakers.  

There is not much more I would rather do than to ride out west looking for wild horses and listening to grandpa's stories.  It was a beautiful way to spend a Sunday.  
Randilyn is still trouble, but so adorable.  She came to me and said "Mom- somehow the lipstick opened up and got all over my face. I just don't know how it happened."  She also didn’t know how the toy got up her nose, the whole thing of fish food fell in the fish tank or the pee got in her pants.  Haha- mysteries of a toddler.  
 But she is so stinkin' cute she makes up for it. 
Randilyn had her first dance performance.  She danced at the Talon craft fair.  She was  so excited, see all the posing and smiling.  THEN- when she got out there, she freaked.  She cried and sat by her teacher.  So sad :(  Good thing she still looked beautiful.  Ang and Sadie came to watch her and we watched Sadie later and Randi said she was going to dance like Sadie next time- we can hope.  

Celina got her mission call.  It was a very spiritual moment.  She got called to Taiwan, where she was born, where her mother is from, where her father served his mission.  There were lots of tears and cheering as well.  The people of Taiwan are very blessed to get her there.  
Chantry has been working like crazy in the basement.  He has gotten the framing, electrical, heating and insulation all complete.

Thanksgiving was fantastic this year.  We spent Thanksgiving day at Sarah's for dinner.  Jeff took the kids for their first airplane ride and then we got motel in Richfield that night.  Friday morning we met up to see Santa and go to lunch.  Then, we helped my mom pick out new furniture and headed to Antimony.  We decorated gingerbread houses and the next day went and got our Christmas tree.  Saturday night, we had a soup dinner with the Wiley's and stayed up playing games with the Wiley cousins.  We came home Sunday and got all the Christmas out and decorated.

 November flew by- this whole year has flown by.  Only one month left in 2016 and by the date on this post, you can see that is already half over.