Friday, June 2, 2017

May 2017

Between Chestyn's baptism, all the end of year activities, concerts, recitals, plays, awards, etc. May was a busy but oh so fun month.

May 6th was Chestyn's baptism.  We had so many friends and family there to support, my heart was full.  Chantry did such a great job with the baptism and confirmation and Chestyn was radiating all smiles all day.

The next weekend was Mother's day and Chantry let me choose exactly how we spent it.  We went hiking at Red Cliffs and Snow Canyon and to Olive Garden Saturday and then I was spoiled by breakfast in bed before church on Sunday and then went to my favorite Aunt Sue's at Duck Creek following church.  I am so blessed.

Channer did his 4th grade Opera and killed it- even having a solo part and the same day he had his first piano recital and did amazing!

Randi had her dance recital.  She did great this time.  Stage fright is getting better.  I bribed her with some McDonald's and she got up there and rocked it!

Chestyn received his bobcat in scouts...

Channer received an award for his ancestor report he did on his grandpa Van.  He got $10 and an invite to ride on the Sons of Utah Pioneers float on the 24th of July and his essay will be published in the Sons of Utah Pioneers book.  So awesome!

Chantry and I enjoyed a fun couples trip to celebrate our 13th anniversary.  We camped at Sand Hallow which was so weird without our kiddos (missed them terribly actually).  We went hiking in Zion, Chantry went snorkeling, I kayaked, we enjoyed time with our friends and went riding.  Fun weekend get away.  My mom watched the kids and my kids enjoyed the time with her.

Randi had her preschool program.  She did a great job with more McDonald's bribing...much better than her Christmas program where she just stood up there and cried.  She has loved Miss Danielle.  She will go back to her next year.

The kids had their last day of school on the 24th.  They both had a great year and grew so much.  They enjoyed their teachers, Mrs. Selden and Mrs. Garrett.  I took the day off work and enjoyed their dance festival and a fun day after.

These three girls graduated this year.  They were only 4 years old when Chantry and I got married (and our little flower girls), so it is crazy to see them all grown up.  Love my nieces!  They are all so talented in their own different ways, love watching them grow up.  Kaylee graduated from Tooele High and Makayla and Jessi from Canyon View.  We didn't go to any of the graduations but did make it to a dinner for Makayla and Jessi after theirs.

We spent Memorial weekend in Parker, AZ visiting Sarah and Jeff at their home there.  It was a lot of fun.  The kids had a great time and we wore them clear out each day.

We ended the month with a fun hike in Kolob. I have made some major chore charts and things the kids have to do this summer (reading, math sheets, exercise, plus their chores) and if they do it all, I have promised them fun-day Wednesdays.  We have a summer bucket list and hope to get to do a lot of them this summer.  I love getting off early on Wednesdays to spend some time with the kids.  On this particular hike, Stetson joined us.

And that is a wrap for May- can it really be June already????