Wednesday, February 15, 2017

January 2017

Nielsen family Christmas party was a blast as usual. Pateresa planned this year and she had it in Glenwood. Fun games, good food and even better company. 
The guys all went and helped grandpa split wood. 
Chantry went  snowmobiling with Search & Rescue. 
I planned my first event in Young Women's. We did new beginnings to welcome the girls coming in this year. With the help of the other amazing leaders, it turned out great. 
Randilyn had a field trip to the dentist. 
Marcus and Keshia had their twins, Lakyn and Lanie on the 18th. They are so so adorable! They will be the best parents. 
Chantry turned 36. We celebrated the weekend before in mesquite with a few friends and family. My mom came and watched the kids. On his birthday, we had grandpa over for dinner and cake. Chantry just gets better with age. I didn't take any pictures of him but got this cute one. 
One month come and gone already in 2017.