Tuesday, April 4, 2017

March 2017

The first weekend in March, we had our first camping trip of the year.  It was a beautiful sunny weekend at Sand Hallow.  We camped with the Orton's and Water's.  The Hilleger's came for dinner and to play the one night.  It was a great start to what I think will be a fun year of camping.

Annual sisters' weekend was March 10th through the 12th.  It was in St  George this year and Sarah was in charge.  She found a beautiful house with a personal pool/hot tub.  I would chalk it up to one of my very favorite sisters' weekends yet!  We decided not to cook meals this time and just try some new restaurants.  I loved it.   It made for more time together, less cleanup and actually less money- we buy way too much food when we buy food to make.  We ate at Sakura wtih the hibachi grill Friday night.  Saturday we got pedicures at a fun place that did karaoke while you get a pedicure.  Saturday we ate at Texas Roadhouse.  Of course we played our money game and stayed up late talking both nights and playing other games.  Sunday we ended our trip by going to lunch at Olive Garden.  It never seems it is enough time.  Next year I am going to make sure I get Friday off though and spend as much time as possible.  I always feel like I am missing so much when I don't get there til after work Friday. 

Just a few random photos.  Randi is at such a fun age. Her personality is a fun one.  She is a mean bratty girl 90% of the time, I wont lie...but that 10% sweet is so dang sweet you cannot help but just love her.  Here she put lipstick all over.  When I first saw her, I thought she was having an allergic reaction to something.
 Nothing beats the sunsets and sunrises from my house...
 I went outside to take our volleyball net  down and when I came back in Randi had made her very own waffle and told me "I am just like Matilda.  She is 4 and I am 4.  She made pancakes, I made waffles"  I thought it was adorable.
 Channer took 1st place in his class calculator competition so go to go on to the school one where he took third after THREE tie-breaking rounds and so got to go onto the district...
 Where him and his buddy Wyatt tied for 4th place. 
Chantry's back has been awful this month.  His back kind of quit hurting and then his leg was hurting and numb after a long drawn out process of trying to get him help the last 2 months, he finally got an injection Friday, the 31st.  Still no relief after 4 days, hoping it works.

Despite him being in so much pain.  He still accomplished so much on our basement.  The three bedrooms are painted and ready for trim and carpet and he got the entire rest of the basement sheet rocked.  The electrician finished up his job and things are really moving along.

March was good too us...

February 2017

Fun day at the Sand Dunes with the Waters' family on February 4th. 

We went back the next day after church just our little family since we were already loaded and ready to go. 

Sunday the 11th, after church, we went for a drive up the snow covered mountain and met the Orton's and Hillegar's to eat at Duck Creek.

Randi had the SUU animal ambassadors come to her preschool. 

I love Valentine's Day with kiddos. We started the day with heart-shaped pancakes. They had fun school parties. We ended with cuddling and a movie. Chantry and I didn't do anything because we get to celebrate on the weekend while Sarah watches our kiddos.

Sarah graciously offered to watch our kids while Chantry and I had a little getaway. We stayed in Provo and went to Salt Lake to the RV Expo and Hunting Expo. Such a fun time just the two of us. No pictures of us but Sarah kept sending ones of your kids having a blast.

We went back to Richfield early Sunday morning to go to Celina's farewell. She gave an amazing talk and will be an amazing missionary.

We got to watch cousin Charlee do a fun cheer dance.  I didn't get any pictures of her, but we enjoyed ice cream with grandma and grandpa afterwards. 

Chestyn started wrestling and Channer started piano.  Both are loving it and it is kind of fun seeing them excel in different things.  I was sad to see Channer quit wrestling because he was really good at it, but it also has been fun watching Chestyn grow so much in the sport. 

 I spoke in sacrament on choices and taught the lesson in young women on choices on the same Sunday, the 26th. 

That same Sunday, Chantry got called out on a search for a missing plane.  It was a long day of searching and went on into Monday where they found the down plane with a father and two little kids.  Such a sad heartbreaking situation.  That poor mother who was left without her kids and husband.  I am proud of Chantry and the volunteer service he gives with the search and rescue.  He has to deal with quite a few hard situations like this and I know the family appreciates them all more than they know.

February was a good month- and this year needs to slow down a bit.